Saturday, July 25, 2009

Georgia on my Screen / Czech, please?

After a tumultuous year, domestically and Eurovisually, Georgia has confirmed it will be back at Eurovision 2010 in Oslo. After their brief war with Russia, Georgia pulled out of Eurovision, only to re-enter with a disco-dig at Vladimir Putin which saw them disqualified. In the meantime, they managed to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

CT, the Czech broadcaster, has pulled stumps on the failed experiment that is Czech music at ESC. The show was never all that popular in the Czech Republic, even though it has been a huge hit in Slovakia. None of the Czech acts made it past semi finals and only one of them got to double points in their semi finals (and that had more to do with the small pieces of tin foil covering the girls, rather than the thousands of missed notes).'s song 'Aven Romale' (Moscow, 09) scored the first nul pointe in ESC since Switzerland in 2004.