Friday, April 24, 2009

This is EDU Calling

The Editors have ranked the songs and argued differences in opinion over France and Turkey. Our predicted qualifying songs from the semis (below) were ranked alongside the five automatically qualified to produce our Top Ten list. While we love Norway, we love Switzerland just a little bit more - well, a heck of a lot more. The editors were also surprised to strongly agree on Portugal - their best placing ever calls!


1 Switzerland 12 pt
2 Norway 10 pt
3 Portugal 8 pt
4 Estonia 7 pt
5 Malta 6 pt
6 France 5 pt
7 Turkey 4 pt
8 FY Macedonia 3 pt
9 Iceland 2 pt
10 Armenia 1 pt

Semi-Final #2 Predictions

Semi-Final #2 Predicted Top Ten
Norway Alexander Rybak - Fairytale
Estonia Urban Symphony - Rändajad
Moldova Nelly Ciobanu - Hora din Moldova
Albania Kejsi Tola - Carry Me in Your Dreams
Ireland Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy - Et Cetera
Greece Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night
Azerbaijan AySel and Arash - Always
Slovenia Quartissimo feat. Martina Majerle - Love Symphony
Denmark Niels Brinck - Believe Again
Cyprus Christina Metaxa - Firefly

Semi Finals - EDU Prediction

Semi Final #1 Predicted Top Ten
Switzerland Lovebugs - The Highest Heights
Portugal Flor-de-Lis - Todas as ruas do amor
Malta Chiara - What If We
Iceland Yohanna - Is It True?
Turkey Hadise - Düm Tek Tek
FY Macedonia Next Time - Neshto shto ke ostane
Andorra Susanne Georgi - La teva decisió
Belgium Patrick Ouchène - Copycat
Armenia Inga and Anush - Jan Jan
Bosnia Regina - Bistra voda

Friday, April 17, 2009

The King is Dead...

SBS has revealed its plans for Eurovision 2009 - and they involve two Australian commentators on the scene.

Now that Sir Wogan has retired, SBS will attempt to fill the vaccuum with an Aussie angle. Fans (including EDU) revolted when Des Mangan commentated in in 2003 - in lieu of Terry Wogan - and since then SBS has shied away from too much local content. Julie Zemiro - host of RockWiz and star of Eurobeat (the ESC stage comedy) - will broadcast from Moscow, alongside 3RRR broadcaster Sam Pang.

As per 2008, the two semi finals will be delayed a few days in order to screen from 7:30pm on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th May. The Final will screen at 7:30pm on Sunday May 17th.
(more details here)

This means that Australian viewers will be denied the usual BBC commentary - this year provided by Graham Norton (whose hilarious chat show is currently on ABC2 Thurdays at 9:30). For those keen to hear Norton's commentary might try UK-specialist file sharing sites like thebox.