Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So what did we miss?

In the six months since Moscow, there has been plenty of movement at the station - with five countries pulling out and one nation returning. BTW - Austria and Monaco still look like sitting ESC out for the time being.

Right Back Where We Started From (Returning Nation)
Georgia - They really do want to put in an entry!

The Pain of Withdrawal (Departing Nations)
Czech Republic - Fresh from a nul point for the Super Gypsies, ČT announced their withdrawal citing a mutual lack of interest between the Czech public and fans of the contest.
Hungary - MTV pulls out of 2010, citing financial limitations.
Montenegro - RTCG pulls out of 2010, citing financial limitations.
Andorra - Submitted an entry and then started looking for loose change under the sofa cushions. In December 2009 RTVA announced their withdrawal due to a lack of funding.
Lithuania - LRT pulls out of 2010, citing financial limitations. They are currently looking under the cushions of their sofas and if they find €90,000 they'll be back in.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Skaat. Skaat. Skaat.

The long interregnum comes to an end, as Albania conducts its semi-finals in order to pick a 7 minute long song in need of a pruning. But, what's this? Out of the blocks, without warning comes Israel - announcing their 2010 singer on Christmas Day.

Meet Harel Skaat who has been confirmed as the singer for Oslo by the Israeli public broadcaster IBA. He will sing four songs at a mini-Kdam later on with the public selecting his song for Norway.
But seriously, with six months to go - who cares. Wake me up in February.