Monday, April 19, 2010

EDU predictions (Semi Finals)

The editors have made their lists, checked them twice and then argued for 2 hours over a bottle of verdicchio.

Here are our tips for the qualifiers from the two Semi Finals (in order of anticipated public votes)!

Albania Juliana Pasha - "It's All About You"
Slovakia Kristina - "Horehronie"
Russia Peter Nalitch Band - "Lost and Forgotten"
Serbia Milan Stanković - "Ovo je Balkan"
Finland Kuunkuiskaajat - "Työlki ellää"
Iceland Hera Björk - "Je ne sais quoi"
Estonia Malcolm Lincoln - "Siren"
Moldova SunStroke Project and Olia Tira - "Run Away"
Belgium Tom Dice - "Me and My Guitar"

Bosnia Vukašin Brajić - "Thunder and Lightning" (Wildcard)

Lithuania InCulto - "East European Funk"
Romania Paula Seling and Ovi - "Playing with Fire"
Azerbaijan Safura Alizadeh - "Drip Drop"
Bulgaria Miro - "Angel si ti"
Turkey maNga - "We Could Be The Same"
Armenia Eva Rivas - "Apricot Stone"
Denmark Chanée and N'evergreen - "In a Moment Like This"
Croatia Feminnem - "Lako je sve"
Cyprus Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders - "Life Looks Better in Spring"

Sweden Anna Bergendahl - "This Is My Life" (Wildcard)

Monday, April 5, 2010

There's a 50/50 chance of these odds being accurate, though there's only a 10 percent chance of that

Betting is to be approached tenatively in all matters - the house always wins. But this is doubly true in Eurovision, where national fervour clouds punting and produces daft odds year after year. 2010 seems to be no exception, with UK bookies William Hill's cuurent list of odds showing Germany marginally ahead of Azerbaijan and Israel:

11/4 Germany
7/2 Azerbaijan
8/1 Israel
12/1 Denmark
14/1 Norway, Armenia and Croatia
25/1 Greece
28/1 Sweden
33/1 Belgium, Ireland and Turkey
40/1 Slovakia
66/1 Albania, Belarus, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine and Romania
80/1 Iceland
100/1 Bosnia & Herzogovina,Moldova, Russia, Malta, Serbia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Georgia
150/1 Finland, Latvia and Estonia
200/1 Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria and the Netherlands
250/1 FYR Macedonia, Poland and Slovenia

Most of EDU's favourites are 33/1 or wider. Which means we are either about to become incredibly rich, or we'll lose AUD on the Euro yet again!