Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Semi Final 2: Part One

Željko Joksimović "Nije ljubav stvar"
Intro sounds like it comes from the Red Cliff soundtrack. Diminishing returns from Zeljko. This song lacks the warmth, structure and beauty of earlier ones. Will the audience reward his persistence (Judy Dench Oscar style) or finally say enough is enough? (Qualifies)

Kaliopi "Crno i belo"
It is very Eastern European (so maybe half the semi will switch off) and halfway in the crap-guitar starts. So the intro is 45% of the song? The chorus does have a hook to it, but that comes 2 minutes in. Strange (Qualifies)

Joan Franka "You and Me"
Sounds like backward country music – like it belongs to a Boags advert. Unpolished Sarah Blasko meets Missy Higgins (Qualifies)

Kurt Calleja "This Is the Night"
It’s not Malta’s night. Tip of the lid to current pop but basically a Rick Astley cover with one less octave than Rick covered. (Qualifies)

Litesound "We Are the Heroes"
Competant pop-rock. Certain to qualify. Wall-to-wall clichés and constipated delivery. Good for a laugh (Qualifies)

Filipa Sousa "Vida minha"
Out of the PIIGS, only Portugal and Spain are really trying to avoid the cost of hosting next year. But Portugal, did you need to try? A toilet-break song. (Will not Qualify)

Gaitana "Be My Guest"
If she can’t nail it live it will be dead last in its heat – so many danger notes. If she delivers it could rip the roof off – not a lot going on though. Half a point extra for the Na Na Nas. (Qualifies).

Sofi Marinova "Love Unlimited"
Poorer 90s eurodance of Semi 2. Will this get everyone sick of techno or normalise it, before Loreen appears. (Qualifies)

Eva Boto "Verjamem"
You know you’re halfway between Serbia and Austria when Opera sounds like Zeljko. (Will not Qualify)

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