Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Semi Final 2: Part Two

Nina Badrić "Nebo"
Similar to Edsilia Rombley (Netherlands) from 2007 if she was a screaming woman in a Zagreb karaoke bar. (Will not Qualify)

Loreen "Euphoria"
Loreen has the Kate Bush going on (a Swedish-Berber Kate Bush) – a very intense individual on stage and she will grab everyone’s attention. The song is possibly too techno for Eurovision audiences – it sounds like the remix of a fantastic ESC song. Dark horse for mine. (Qualifies)

Anri Jokhadze "I'm a Joker"
Oh boy! Includes the line “I’m a stalker” in the positive way! Sounds like Sergio & the Ladies covering ‘Prince of Parties’ by Flight of the Conchords. Will go down as well as Sergio. (Will not Qualify)

Can Bonomo "Love Me Back"
Intro sounds like incidental music to a gypsy circus scene from a Bond film. Vocals have the nasal delivery of Blue Café (not as good) (Will not Qualify)

Ott Lepland "Kuula"
The slow song from the school prom. Air Supply meets The Carpenters (Will not Qualify)

Max Jason Mai "Don't Close Your Eyes"
Wake up! Announces itself instantly. Old school Pantera-esque guitar and drum kicks in. Vocals are pop styled though! It is the sound of Slovakia, so that’s good – fulfils Eurovision’s charter. (Qualifies)

Tooji "Stay"
The stage act will be a tongue crawling out of a bathtub looking for a beer. Infectious chorus but best avoided (Qualifies)

MayaSar "Korake ti znam"
Will anything ever happen? How do these tracks win National Finals? Boring (Will not Qualify)

Donny Montell "Love Is Blind"
Good news – it’s not Happy Me Happy You. Bad News - it’s not We are the Weiners or Skamp. Ballad with a touch of 90s keyboards for first half, and then suddenly it’s a disco song. Dog’s dinner (Will not Qualify)

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