Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Final: Automatic Qualifiers

Engelbert Humperdinck "Love Will Set You Free"
Will the voice stand up to the arena? Englebert will make it do well. Top ten. Best result since Andrew Lloyd Webber. England will send nothing but octogenarians from now on.

Anggun "Echo (You and I)"
Certainly the worst French entry in recent memory. WTF is with the change of pace at the start. An instant turnoff. And with Indonesia ineligible to vote, this could be a Nul point!

Nina Zilli "L'amore è femmina (Out of Love)"
Who died and made you Amy Winehouse… oh, never mind. Smart bet for the winner. Lousy track from Italy last year scored well, so this is certain for Top Five. Great retro vibe (Lena, anyone) and Italian pop sound there. Genuine and very entertaining.

Sabina Babayeva "When the Music Dies"
Not bad at all. They can afford to host it two years in a row, but will they bribe everyone two years in a row?

Pastora Soler "Quédate conmigo"
You always feel like you’ve heard the Spanish songs before. Whispering is the new screaming.

Roman Lob "Standing Still"
They do try. This time it is The Fray-inspired ‘Standing Still’. Nothing wrong with it – I like it. But people will be saying ‘When’s Sweden on?’

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